Paper: Cognitive constraints on theories and category structure in Tignari’s agricultural manual

4 December 2011

Luckyn-Malone, Phoebe. “Cognitive constraints on theories and category structure in the twelfth-century Arabic agricultural manual of al-Tignari.” Chapter accepted for publication in the proceedings of the Mediterráneos Conference which was held at the CCHS-CSIC in Madrid, December 13-15, 2010. PDF **Pre-publication draft—subject to further editorial revision** Abstract This study investigates the role of cognitive bias [...]

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Studies on the Agronomy of Al-Andalus

25 June 2010

An important survey of research on Andalusi agricultural texts is now available online through the website of the Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée. Agricultural Authors Discussed The article surveys the manuscripts, printed editions and translations of works by eight Andalusi agricultural writers: Ibn Abi ‘l-Jawad Ibn Wafid Ibn Hajjaj Ibn Bassal Abu ‘l-Khayr [...]

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‘Impact’ and the new Research Assessment Exercise

16 December 2009

Since late September, a topic that has gripped British university departments is the latest Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) proposal, now renamed the Research Excellence Framework. The REF is controversial because, in addition to the usual evidence required for the RAE (publications, research environment and esteem), a further category has been introduced, that of ‘impact’.

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Escuela de Estudios Árabes, Granada

17 April 2009

Information for Visiting Researchers For the past ten days I have been working in the library at this CSIC research institute. The EEA occupies a 14th century Morisco complex, the Casas del Chapiz, so it feels a bit like a museum rather than a research centre. The Library The library consists of one small reading [...]

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