Studies on the Agronomy of Al-Andalus

25 June 2010

An important survey of research on Andalusi agricultural texts is now available online through the website of the Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée.

Agricultural Authors Discussed

The article surveys the manuscripts, printed editions and translations of works by eight Andalusi agricultural writers:

  • Ibn Abi ‘l-Jawad
  • Ibn Wafid
  • Ibn Hajjaj
  • Ibn Bassal
  • Abu ‘l-Khayr
  • Tignari
  • Ibn al-`Awwam
  • Ibn Luyun

Accessing the Article

“Studies on the agronomy of al-Andalus” is an English version of this earlier article:

Expiración García Sánchez and Julia María Carabaza Bravo. “Estado actual y perspectivas de los estudios sobre agronomía andalusí.” In vol. 3 of El saber en Al-Andalus : textos y estudios, edited by Aly Tawfik, Julia María Carabaza Bravo, Pedro Cano Avila and Ildefonso Garijo Galán, 101-118. Seville: Universidad de Sevilla, 2001.

The English article is freely available on the REMMM website:

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